constrction equipment

Composite materials offer a great freedom of shape in terms of design and thus allow the designer to enhance the shapes of the construction machines to provide greater modernity.

The choice of composite materials offers the possibility to position reinforcements in a very specific way, at chosen locations, to ensure high rigidity for parts that can measure up to several square meters. The integration of these reinforcements allows the production of parts made from a single skin, thus guaranteeing greater longevity and rigidity while being more competitive than parts made in RIM or thermoforming.

Heat resistance is also one of the advantages of composite materials. Widely used in applications such as engine hoods, composite materials are able to meet the highest demands of sustained use of construction equipment.

« An example is worth a thousand words »

  • Engine hoods for telescopic loaders and aerial platforms
  • Canopies for milling machines
  • Bumpers for cranes

Mainly used manufacturing processes:

Ouest Composites Industriesadvantages

  • A global solution with dedicated multidisciplinary teams to achieve the QCD objectives of the project.
  • Means of production adapted to industrial mass production.
  • Integration of many additional functions (grids, supports, handles, cylinders, etc.).
  • Total autonomy on the development and manufacturing of production tools.