Their lightness, load-bearing capacity and great freedom of shape make composite materials an innovative choice for the railway industry.

The choice of composite materials is also an asset to meet the constraints in terms of fire resistance while providing designers with great freedom in terms of design.

« An example is worth a thousand words »

  • Headlamp supports, light strips (TGV, Metro)
  • Nose, front panel, various body panels
  • Interior cover

Mainly used manufacturing processes:

Some specific materials used:

  • Specific resins classified “fire/smoke”.
  • Intumescent gelcoat

Ouest Composites Industriesadvantages

  • A global solution with dedicated multidisciplinary teams to achieve the QCD objectives of the project.
  • Means of production adapted to industrial mass production.
  • Total autonomy on the development and manufacturing of production tools.
  • Certification tests of the parts produced.
  • A precise management to meet the requirements of railway standards:
    • NF F 16-101
    • NF EN 45545
    • NF F01-281