Many applications in the defense sector use composite materials. The wide choice of manufacturing processes and the diversity of materials available offer the possibility to adapt to the most demanding applications.

« An example is worth a thousand words »

Main areas using composite materials:

  • Naval: parts for submarines
  • Naval: parts for military ships
  • Aeronautics: parts for airplanes and helicopters
  • Land vehicles: parts for tanks and wheeled machinery of all types

Mainly used manufacturing processes:

Ouest Composites Industriesadvantages

  • We have a wide experience in the production of parts dedicated to military markets. The technical teams work in close collaboration with the design teams dedicated to the project, bringing all the necessary expertise in terms of composite materials.
  • All defense-related projects are treated under confidentiality clause. The Quality teams also prepare and forward the entire quality – traceability file according to the specific requirements of each project.
  • Total autonomy on the development and manufacturing of production tools.